F1 should consider NASCAR-style ‘restart zone’, says Steiner

The recent Tuscan Grand Prix had to be red- flagged early on when a chain reaction crash at a safety car restart led to Carlos Sainz, Antonio Giovinazzi, Kevin Magnussen and Nicholas Latifi all being involved in a start-line incident.

The crash was blamed on drivers in the midfield trying to anticipate the start to get a better run down to the first corner, while race leader Valtteri Bottas held off on the restart for as long as possible.

While the FIA sees no problem with the current system, and believes the drivers were entirely to blame, Steiner reckons the matter should be discussed at the next meeting of F1’s Sporting Working Group.

And he thinks that introducing something like the ‘restart zone’ they have in NASCAR, where there is a designated area of the track where the leader must start accelerating, could be a good solution.

“The restart line was far down the straight at Mugello – and some people obviously took a chance and tried to have a run at it,” said Steiner. “I don’t think anybody did anything wrong, I fully agree with that one, it was just circumstances.

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“Going forward, to avoid these things, I think we need to look at where to put the restart line and maybe also think about a restart zone. I’m not an expert in these things, but other series do it like that to avoid…

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