Fashion Hacks For Men To Look Instant Smart

A smartly-dressed man exudes confidence, charisma, and an irresistible charm. You don’t have to break the bank to buy expensive clothing. Pairing your existing clothing with the right accessories goes a long way in achieving that dapper look without much effort. Check out these hacks:

1. Add a Blazer to Your Wardrobe

A suit is always an excellent choice, especially when attending a formal event. However, switching up the coat with a blazer gives your outfit more versatility. Add the blazer to an everyday outfit, and you can walk into a business meeting confidently and hit the club later. Look for dull-colored blazers, e.g., the dark blues, grays, or the smokey charcoal blazers. Lastly, ensure the blazer has a good fit, and it aligns with your shoulders.

2. Wear a Pair of Well-fitting Pants

Whether you are a fan of chino pants, dress slacks, or a wool slack, ensure they are a good fit. They should fit snugly around the hips and the thighs with a short end to show off your shoe. If you can fit two fingers between your waistband and the hip of your jeans, you have found a perfect fit. Also, check the groin area to ensure they fit snugly without constricting you.

3. Accessorize Your Outfit

Wearing the right accessory can level up your outfit. Watches are a timeless accessory to any wardrobe outfit. It will help if you have different kinds to match your outfits, occupation, and occasion. If working in an office, your go-to watch should match your cufflinks, tie clip, and any other accessory you are wearing.

For example, if you are wearing a watch with a leather strap, the color of your shoes and belt should complement it. Timepieces like the Monte Carlo watches and many others give your wrist a classy and refined appearance that blends in with formal outfits. However, if looking for more splash, wear a dress watch with bold contrasting colors like black or silver and classic lines.

4. Be Classy When Rolling up Your Sleeves

Forget the dated sleeve rolling technique that leaves you looking old and out of style. The new method allows you to show off the inside part of the cuff. Unbutton the cuff and the gauntlet button and pull the hem up two inches. Then grab the end of the inside-out sleeve and roll it to the bottom of the cuff twice to leave the cuff detail exposed.

5.Wear Shorts with the Appropriate Length

A pair of shorts is a choice summer wear for many men. Ensure the shorts are not too long or too short as it looks tacky. A perfect fit should break at the knee and should not exceed 2-3 inches above the knee.

6.Pair Your Outfit with the Right Shoes

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can ruin a well-put-together outfit. The idea is to balance between what looks good and what is comfortable. Ankle-length boots are an excellent go-to pair of shoes if you don’t want to wear dress shoes. Additionally, boots are pretty versatile as they can handle different weather conditions and pair well with most business outfits.

7. Wear the Right Fit

Choose colors and fits that complement your body structure and complexion. If you have short legs, wear an outfit that lengthens your leg line. Also, avoid wearing oversized jackets, especially suit jackets, sports, and leather jackets. Look for coats that cover only the bottom curvature of the butt; anything longer appears awkward for a shorter guy.


These few hacks should help you upgrade your look. The secret is to get the lengths and fitting of your shorts, pants, and shirts right. Use complementary colors, and if wearing accessories, ensure they match your shoes and belt colors.