Former Vice President Mike Pence’s Home Housing Classified Documents

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

In the most recent discovery of classified documents at the houses of former top government officials, ex-United States Vice-President Mike Pence was revealed to be hiding them after a search at his residence. The FBI received the materials found by Mr. Pence’s attorney last week at his residence in Indiana. The investigation is already ongoing against former President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden’s access to documents.

Mike Pence Found In Possession Of Classified Documents

For allegedly improper handling of papers, Mr. Trump is under criminal investigation. National Archives received a letter from Mike Pence and his representatives informing them of the materials. After an administration, according to the Records Act, the White House has records that are meant to be transferred to National Archives. Such files must be safely preserved under regulations.

The most recent development came to light after Mr. Mike Pence “out of an excess of caution” sought legal advice from experts in handling confidential documents. The letter stated that he requested assistance “when it became known that specified documents with secret markings were located in President Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence.”

The former vice president had previously locked up “a tiny number of those documents that could perhaps contain classified or sensitive information” in the safe, which was where lawyers discovered them. These Classified Documents were found in boxes at an insecure location of Mr. Mike Pence’s house, an assistant to the vice president told CBS News, the BBC’s US partner. These boxes were taped closed, the aide claimed.

Over the past few months, Mike Pence has made it clear repeatedly that he didn’t think that the documents were possession of any sensitive information. Before the midterm elections, Mr. Joe Biden previously stated that there were no regrets in him about holding off on disclosing the secret documents that had been found in his office. It is thought that the records discovered so far were well connected to Mr. Joe Biden’s eight years of service as the vice president below the supervision of former President Mr. Barack Obama.