Friday 5: Denny Hamlin, Chris Gabehart are NASCAR’s Dynamic Duo

While it is much too soon to proclaim someone as the GOAT, one can’t simply deny that the work done by Denny Hamlin and Chris Gabehart has been anything short of marvelous.

On Thursday night, they won their 11th race at the Kansas Speedway, giving them quite a remarkable 21.2% winning percentage. And let’s not forget, this is the same driver who went without a win the entirety of 2018. The introduction of Chris Gabehart to the helm as the chief crew did bolster the team’s performance.

Gabehart pulled Hamlin out of quite a dark time where Hamlin had started doubting his own capabilities regarding winning. With Hamlin wondering if he would be able to qualify for the championship race, Gabehart texted him to keep his head in the game.

“I think it really boils down to trust,” Hamlin said. “I do my job, he does his.”

Hamlin mentioned how Gabehart would simply tweak with the car whenever Hamlin wanted him to, without trying to change the way Hamlin himself drove. Rather than changing the driver, Gabehart decided to change the car.

And that has brought about a change in their career.