George Floyd Officers Want Case Dropped After Minneapolis Police Training Manual Comes To Light

A document alleged to be the Minneapolis police training manual appears to show that the “knee on the neck” tactic to subdue suspects is standard operating procedure.

Attorneys for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin are calling on the charges against him to be dismissed after presenting what one Court TV analyst described as the “absolutely shocking” new evidence.

The manual shows officers the proper technique involved in such a scenario – by placing a knee on the suspect’s upper back area. It includes an image eerily reminiscent of the scene which sparked hundreds of riots since Floyd’s death.

“From coast-to-coast everyone, absolutely outraged, especially by that fact, the knee on the neck,” former attorney and host Vinnie Politan points out. “Well, guess what folks, take a look at what you’re looking at right here. That is from the police training manual.”

An image of the page referencing the use of the knee is then shown on screen, side-by-side with video from the Floyd arrest.

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The Technique Used By Chauvin Appears To Be Standard

Politan explains that the evidence is part of a motion to dismiss filed by Chauvin’s lawyers.

“This one is absolutely…

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