Global Opportunities For EdTech – Survey Results

3 Strong Trends In Participant Responses

The global pandemic has not changed EdTech, but around the world it has mandated a massive shift of social norms governing the use of EdTech. I have been through countless job interviews and faculty meetings in which our topic was technology in the university classroom. Generally, older faculty wanted strict enforcement of no laptops and no phones policies, as the received wisdom is that they are distractions and counterproductive. Tech trepidation was even further magnified when it came to online classes, for many faculty the dissolution of the traditional classroom threatened community-building among teachers and learners, which is the essence of education.

As a millennial, for me the question has never been whether to adopt EdTech, but which ones we should and should not use. And for today’s generation of college students, they have been using their devices as learning tools since they were kids. Not using EdTech is counterintuitive to them.

Despite faculty reservations, the pandemic forced us to adopt the digitization of teaching and learning. Our adventures and misadventures of adapting have led to new perspectives. While EdTech does not replace face-to-face class and everyday campus…

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