Gop Opens Up Ethnically To Attract Voters Of Color


Race and color have come to dominate American politics and the GOP realizes that it cannot rely on White voters alone if it has to succeed. The 2024 Presidential contents have six Republican candidates. It is the most racially diverse field ever for conservatives. 

Will Hurd, the only House Congressman representing the Republicans in the last two years, announced his candidacy this week. The former Texas Congressman was a former CIA clandestine officer and a cybersecurity expert. He served in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan for close to a decade.

Another colored GOP presidential hopeful is Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami who entered last week. Suarez is of Cuban descent and has vowed to create a new brand of politics. He is joined on the Republican presidential platform by South Carolina’s Tim Scott. The Senator was the first Black since Reconstruction. 

Two of the GOP presidential hopefuls are of Indian descent. Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador, and South Carolina governor, and Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur who describes himself as a cultural thought leader.

GOP Candidates Drawn From Both African And Asian Community

Nikki Haley announced her campaign for the 2024 US presidential election through a campaign video in February this year. She is the first woman of color to be a presidential candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. She is also the first female governor to run for president.

She is among the new-generation candidates representing the GOP who are trying to win the party nomination for 2024. She has advocated for a new generation of leaders and said that the establishment in Washington has failed party supporters. She said that it was necessary to secure our borders and rediscover fiscal responsibility. 

Also in the GOP race is Larry Elder, an African American from the South Central neighborhood in Los Angeles. The colored candidates in the GOP race are considered underdogs in a field dominated at present by Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.