Wanna Kill The F****R: Gordon Ramsay Shows Some Hilarious Candor On Daughter’s Boyfriend

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tore into his daughter’s boyfriend as he appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. There was no holding back the famous TV chef as he amusingly tore into the young man and branded Byron as a weak character and pathetic without an opinion of his own.

Gordon Ramsey said that he would prefer Megan, his 23-year-old daughter, dated a ‘man.’ He expressed concern that he needed that his girls be cared for, and also that they watch over each other.

Megan began seeing her boyfriend again Gordon Ramsay began. He added that he was tolerable, but just seemed a little wet, indicating an ineffectual, weakling person, someone who is not assertive.

Gordon Ramsay’s comments had the commentator in splits and she roared in amusement. She loved his comments and said so some much and said that Byron, Megan’s boyfriend must be laughing his head off if he was watching it, peeing his pants somewhere, she said.

Gordon Ramsay Admits He Crashed Daughter Megan’s Sate With Byron

The host of Hell’s Kitchen continued that he would want to murder Byron and said that he had found his number from Tilly, his youngest daughter.

He admitted that he hustled his way through to get the number. He told Tilly that he needed to keep the number in case anything went wrong.

Gordon Ramsay said he waited for his daughter and him to have dinner somewhere and then FaceTimed Byron. He could tell that the device was shaking.

He began that it was him and not his upcoming father-in-law. At this point, his daughter cut off the call, which he says was rude.

Gordon Ramsay hoped that Megan would wait longer to go on a date with guys and his daughter joked that the perfect stage to date would perhaps be 30.

It also appears that his younger daughter Tilly, who is 20, has joined Raya, the dating app for celebrities. Sources said that she had joined the app sometimes back, but had been using it only recently.