Greg Abbott Vs The Vaccine Mandates

Voting Restriction
Voting Restriction

Greg Abbott, the governor of the state of Texas, took actions against the vaccine mandates of the coronavirus, yet again. He had issued this decision before. This comes after the news of Pfizer vaccine company getting full approval by the administration of food and drug of the United States of America. Surprisingly, this order comes after the fact that the state governor belonging to the Republican Party himself had talked about the vaccine and his “mild infection.” it is to be noted that governor Greg Abbott is still recovering from the coronavirus infection. 

Greg Abbott’s Views

The news of the Pfizer vaccine that came on the 23rd of August caused people to question the validity of the previous executive order that was given by the 63-year-old Texas governor, Greg Abbott. As per the previous order, the vaccines were banned in emergencies. However, as per the latest mandates issued by the governor, vaccines are banned irrespective of the status of approval. There are a few exceptions to it like some care facilities and nursing homes. 

Another agenda was added by the Texas governor to the special session of the legislature that took place on the 25th of August, which fell on a Wednesday. The legislature was asked to look into the matter of the entities of the state or the local communities mandating the vaccine shots. Greg Abbott asked that if that was allowed then what should be the exemptions that were to be introduced.

He stated that according to the historical facts, the vaccine exemptions and requirements were decided by the legislature. And their involvement was absolutely important to ensure a uniform system of mandates throughout the state of Texas. It is to be noted that he is one of the Republican politicians who has a major problem with the coronavirus mandates introduced in the country.