The Grand Reveal Of Sally Ride’s Commemorative Statue At The Ronald Reagen Library

sally ride

The statue of the heroic astronaut Sally Ride was formally announced and revealed to the public in order to honor the luminary Sally Ride. Her sister, Bear Ride was also present at the Ronald Reagen Presidential Library on that day. She delivered an inspirational speech for everyone. The trip to Space by Sally Ride was not only a mere trip but it tried to influence and encourage the younger generation to take such journeys and help develop the world we live in. 

The statue of Ride is made of bronze and it stands tall on its uplifted platform at the library. It, thus, depicts the first US woman who went to Space. She inscribed her name in the historical ventures of this world and is sure to continue inspiring lots of people across the world. Her sister, Bear Ride revealed that her sister was always a champion in her life, a living inspiration, and thus, she went down memory lane to understand how much of their life they had covered. 

Sally Ride’s Admirers Remember Her Heroic Deeds With Independence Day Celebrations

All of the close people of Sally Ride were really in joy to have this statue built in LA as Sally Ride had lived in Van Nuys and Encino. Sally Ride unfortunately passed away in the year 2012 getting diagnosed for the disease of cancer in her pancreas. 

Leading movie maker, Steven Barber, acknowledged Ride’s enormous contributions to the studies of astrophysics. The statue is situated close to her home and therefore, he felt that Sally Ride’s liveliness still existed even after her death. The President had also spoken about Ride and her endeavors, especially as the reveal was on the same date as that of the launch of the space transportation system. There were independence day celebrations taking place after that. We saw the gathering of elders and children alike. A number of concerts were organized as well.