Green Bay Packers Looks Unbeatable: Win Over Rams By Scoring Double

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers has triumphed over the Los Angeles Rams on Monday with a staggering score of 24 to 12 in the winter evening at the Field Of Lambeau.

The Green Bay Packers took utmost care of the business in hand on Monday evening against the Rams. The packers are currently looking unbeatable. With this victory over the Rams, the Packers kept their unbeaten streak of two consecutive games safe.

The Green Bay Packers with their second straight win upgraded themselves from 6 to 8 and they kept themselves very much alive in the hunt for the playoff in this season’s NFC.

Packers’ star quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an amazing twenty-two out of thirty for a staggering two twenty-nine yards and he also completed one touchdown. He also saw through the game with an amazing 92.2 percentage of passer ratings. Another Aaron, Aaron Jones, their running back also completed seventeen 90yards carries with 4 catches for thirty-six yards. He too completed a touchdown.

Green Bay Packers Kept Their Hunt Going For The Playoffs This Season:

Green Bay Packers’ another running back Dillon also carried eleven carries for thirty six years and also helped the team with two touchdowns.

While it seems like it was a game for the backlines of the Packers, their novice Wide Runner pulled off a fine show considering he made his return from a injury in today’s match. The WR had five catches for fifty-five yards with his compatriot rookie wide runner Christian Watson had 4-of-47.

The quarterback of Los Angeles, Mayfield was stunning in the game with his twelve of twenty-one for 111 yards with one touchdown and a 67.8 passer rating. However, his efforts were clearly not enough to turn the match in favor of them from the tight grasps of the Green Bay Packers.