Greta Thunberg apologises for ‘put leaders against the wall’ comment

Greta Thunberg in Turin on 13 December

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In Swedish, the term means”to hold somebody accountable”

Greta Thunberg has apologised for stating planet leaders must be”placed from the wall” at a language.

The adolescent climate activist made the remark when covering a Fridays For Future demonstration in Turin, Italy.

In English the term is connected with execution by firing squad, however, Ms Thunberg stated it had another significance in her native language Swedish.

“That is what happens if you snore speeches at another language,” she included on Saturday.

Ms Thunberg was talking in Turin after attending the UN climate summit COP25 from the Spanish capital Madrid.

She said she worried the summit would not result in decent climate actions, and that activists must continue to take entire world leaders to work.

“World leaders are still attempting to run away from their duties, but we need to be certain they can’t do this,” she explained.

“We are able to make sure we place them against the walls, and they’ll need to perform their job to secure our futures”

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Greta Thunberg was addressing a crowd in Turin, Italy, on Friday

Following some initial concern over her use of this phrase – that generally means to carry out people by firing squad, against a wall – she tweeted that a clarification.

“Yesterday I stated we have to hold our leaders accountable and sadly said’place them against the wall’,” she wrote.

“That is Swenglish:’att ställa någon mot väggen’ (to put an individual against the wall) means to hold somebody accountable.”

She continued:”Obviously I apologise if anybody misunderstood this. I can’t enough express the simple fact that I – and the whole school strike motion – are contrary to any potential type of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyhow.”

Ms Thunberg was recently named Time magazine’s youngest ever Individual of the Year, for inspiring a worldwide movement to resist the climate catastrophe.

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Media captionIn the COP25 summit, Greta Thunberg criticised CEOs and politicians due to their lack of activity

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