Gurman: Redesigned iMac, Smaller HomePod, New Apple TV, and More Coming This Year

Mark Gurman, a well-known and well-connected tech personality from Bloomberg, had answered a few questions from the fans. He is generally considered as a reliable person with a lot of inside knowledge about Apple products. Quite naturally, many fans asked about iPhone 12, which is expected to arrive this fall. As per Gurman, there might be LiDAR cameras in the top-end iPhone 12 phones like the ones found in iPad Pro. 

He has also reported that there might be a slimmer notch for the new models of the iPhone. The ambient light and proximity sensor will be hidden under the notch. A new iMac will be coming this year and a 23-inch iMac rumor might be right. There is a HomePod too. Plus, a new Apple TV is coming up this year as well, though it may not be 8K.

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