Haas retired Magnussen for “safety” reasons

Magnussen believes that his car lost performance because older parts were re-used after his heavy crash on the first lap of the previous weekend’s British GP.

In Sunday’s race the Dane had made two tyre stops by lap 20, and retired after 43 laps following a long stint on the hard compound that failed to work out for him. He also received a time penalty for rejoining the track in a dangerous manner in front of Nicholas Latifi.

“Kevin just couldn’t keep his tyres together,” said Steiner when asked by Motorsport.com. “He kept on wearing them out, and it was getting at some stage just too dangerous to keep on changing tyres. Just blisters, vibrations and we had to retire him for safety reasons, obviously.

“The softer tyres in the race, the high temperatures and the high pressure, I think the combination of that one was fatal. I mean, some people made it on a one-stop, but it was on the edge I think for everybody at the end. It was the same for everybody, and even Mercedes struggled, which says it all.”

Magnussen was adamant that something was wrong with his car.

“We didn’t have any more tyres,” he said. “The car has just not been performing this weekend as we know it can. We know the car can perform, especially on Sunday in the race, and it just hasn’t been performing this…

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