Haas says nothing “specific” wrong with car

Magnussen was retired from the 70th Anniversary GP for safety reasons after his car used up its tyres at an alarming rate, and afterwards he suggested that something had gone awry in the rebuild following his major first lap accident in the British GP a week earlier.

In the short gap since last weekend the car has been rebuilt ahead of the Spanish GP with new parts in an attempt to resolve the issues that Magnussen suffered.

“Basically, in the second race at Silverstone we ran out of tyres,” said Magnussen. “The rear tyre just blistered massively, and then all of the tread came off from the middle to the inside of the rear tyre, and just caused massive vibrations, and became an actual safety issue at the end of it. So that’s why we retired the car. But we didn’t miss out on a whole lot because we were in last position at that moment.

“And the whole weekend had just been a struggle, the second weekend in Silverstone, where the first weekend was slightly better, we were in a more sort of the usual spot in the field. If I hadn’t retired in race one, then there could have been a pretty decent result. I felt like I had the cards for it. So we’ll try again here.

“We’ve changed a lot of parts in the car to parts that we know have performed before recently, and should be back to normal. I’m…

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