Hamilton reveals why he visited F1 stewards during red flag

Hamilton was penalised after entering the pitlane while it was closed during Sunday’s race at Monza, costing him the lead and dropping him to the back of the field.

The pitlane was closed shortly after the safety car was deployed so that Kevin Magnussen’s stricken Haas car could be wheeled from the exit of the final corner back towards the garages.

Mercedes only became aware the pitlane was closed just as Hamilton came to pit entry, with Hamilton himself missing two boards denoting he should not enter the pits.

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The stewards said Hamilton would have to serve a stop/go penalty during a red flag period caused by a big crash for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, leading to a 30-minute stoppage.

During this period, Hamilton was shown on the TV feed going up to the stewards’ offices in the Monza paddock before ultimately returning to his car. He went on to finish the race seventh after serving his penalty on the race restart.

Hamilton explained after the race that he had gone to the stewards to understand why the penalty had been awarded, having not seen any red light at pit entry.

“I came back, spoke to the team, they didn’t have any video, and I just wanted to see what had been missed,” Hamilton said.

“I could have sworn on the entry to the pitlane there was no red light. It wasn’t to see Michael…

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