Hands-On Learning For Online Courses

Experiential Learning In An Online Environment

Many people are taking advantage of social distancing right now to learn a new skill that’s related to their jobs or simply for the sake of taking up a new hobby. For online-only instructors, this is a great opportunity to attract learners, and yet this poses a great challenge as well. Namely, they need to motivate learners to complete practical tasks in the absence of a physical classroom and one-on-one training sessions. Online courses usually lack that element of urgency to finish tasks on time as there are no external factors that can push learners to do more. Despite this, online courses aren’t going anywhere as they are now the most convenient way to learn or develop a new skill, from the safety of our homes. As such, course creators need to think outside the box and adopt an experiential learning approach. Here’s what you need to deliver hands-on learning for online courses:

1. Realistic Tasks 

The problem with practical tasks in an online environment is that instructors give out either too easy or too difficult assignments. In this way, learners might be more tempted to simply skip them.

Creating a good task is about a balance between what they know and what they don’t….

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