Hat Of Floyd Mayweather Stolen By Jake Paul At The Event

floyd mayweather
floyd mayweather

The hat of Floyd Mayweather was stolen from his head by Jake Paul. All of this happened at the event for Logan Paul’s fight. Logan Paul is the brother of Jake Paul, he is going to fight Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated ex-champion. 

One month before Mayweather, now 44 years old, returned for another exhibition bout to the fighting ring, he ended taking part in an ugly altercation. The altercation took place at a news conference, designed to promote this fight. Floyd Mayweather, Hall of Famer, boxing will be facing Logan Paul on 6th June at the Hard Rock Stadium inside Florida.

Floyd ended up squaring off with Jake, the brother of Paul. Jake prompted this scuffle by taking away the cap of Mayweather. After Mayweather called the brothers “fake fighters” by offering to take them on together, Jake Paul got incensed and confronted Floyd. Jake Paul managed to grab the white cap of Mayweather. Then the security jumped and managed to get in between them. 

Floyd Mayweather Says Lack Of Respect Prompted The Scuffle

Mayweather tried to surge toward him. Floyd Mayweather afterward said that every person in this world knows what Mayweather is capable of doing. He said that he can fight both brothers in a single night. Later Thursday, while talking to news media, The Athletic, Floyd Mayweather expressed his views on the scuffle and talked about how the scuffle was prompted by an act of disrespect by Paul. He declared that he shouldn’t be disrespected. He added that disrespecting him and touching him will not be tolerated anymore. However, later Floyd Mayweather admitted that a little bit of pre-fight hype is not that bad. He concluded that Paul wanted a little bit of attention and he managed to get it.