Help Students Prepare For An Online Semester This Fall

Fall School Year Tips For Home Bound Students

Although heavily encouraged to open by the executive branch of the United States government, school superintendents from across the country share a common belief that it is simply not safe to reopen their schools at this point, as the coronavirus continues to spread at high rates, and no vaccine is expected for many months. Some schools are conducting their education practices with a compromise that sends a fraction (generally 1/5th) of the students to the classroom one day per week so they can get the necessary extra help that is easier in one-on-one settings while spending the other four days in the now-familiar online classroom setting.

A handful of school districts are completely opening, but for those students, gaining a competitive edge for learning will probably be the least of their problems for a while, as they navigate a highly regulated, and very novel school environment that does, indeed, have a constant fear in the air, with the coronavirus still heavily reported in the news and very much still affecting people the same way it was at the start of school closures in March.

No matter what route your local education leadership organizations choose, some form of online learning will…

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