How A Buyer Persona Impacts Your Marketing Plan

Find Your Ideal Buyer Persona And Improve Your Marketing Plan

“We want to reach chief learning officers at large corporations.” Have you ever kicked off the development of a marketing plan and heard a response like that from your sales team or CEO when you ask who the target audience is? It’s really common to receive a brief, high-level response when asking that question. But as a marketer, the more you know about who you are selling to, the better. Effective marketing starts with a deep understanding of who you need to reach.

The most valuable way to get more detail about who your organization is selling to is to develop a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a one-page visual profile of who you need to get the attention of, which is incorporated into your marketing plan. The persona outlines demographics about the person, like age, gender, and job title, along with information that goes a lot deeper into who the person is. It should explain what their needs, motivations, and pain points are in their job. Putting together the persona brings the person to life in a way that will inspire marketing strategies and prepare sales teams for conversations with prospects that connect them in meaningful ways. The development of a persona…

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