How A VR Training Program Transforms L&D

Take A Journey Through VR Insights With SweetRush

Growing up, I loved reading. We had an understanding in our house; the one activity you would never get in trouble for was reading—no matter how long you stayed up past your bedtime. I was especially drawn to a series; I loved diving into a new world knowing there was more than one book. My favorite book in a trilogy was always the second book. That was where things got really juicy, where the mission began. That’s what I love about this VR training eBook.

It’s the sequel [1], the book in the series where, having established the background of the new world, we’re ready to start the mission. Our mission in this eBook is to equip you with the knowledge, the confidence, and the game plan to transform your training programs.

eBook Release

Your Guide To VR Training Programs

Gain valuable insights into obtaining buy-in for designing and launching successful VR training programs.

VR Training In A Time Of Change

It’s no secret that before COVID-19, Virtual Reality (VR), among other new technologies, was being adopted by Learning and Development (L&D) with much success in many…

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