How Apple’s Spatial Audio Enhances Sound

How Apple's Spatial Audio Enhances Sound
How Apple's Spatial Audio Enhances Sound

Apple’s Adaptive EQ uses inward-facing microphones to adjust the mix in your ears in real time. This first premiered on AirPods Pro and is also featured on AirPods Max. It works pretty well here and can adequately mix in an open-ear format. The primary tones of a song are more pronounced, but it also doesn’t shy away from raising elements that might generally be lowered.

Spatial Audio is something you need to listen to in order to get it, and it shines on AirPods 3. We’d highly recommend giving it a spin with “Mr. Perfectly Fine” by Taylor Swift, “Down on the Corner” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. Specifically, the latter has elements of a track zooming around you, with consistently strong bass.

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The other key feature is Spatial Audio, which uses some software tricks and physics knowledge to make it seem like the music is coming from all around you (and not just left and right). AirPods 3 also toss in support for head tracking, which will change audio placement as your head moves away from the device you’re streaming on. This can result in vocals moving to the right or left and gives you the effect of being at a live show.

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