How Important Is The Seeding Process For Today’s March Madness Season?

Seeding process and bracketology is perhaps the most challenging part that every NCAA Men’s Basketball hopefuls need to overcome. March Madness is coming in the next few weeks, and we are looking forward to seeing which schools are going to be part of this tournament. Earlier this month, there were already sixteen teams that were named who topped the seeding process.

For those who don’t know yet, the seeding process for the March Madness is simply ranking the Top 32 teams in four regions of the NCAA Division 1 All Men’s Basketball Tournament. The four regions are East, West, South, and Midwest. The NCAA Board of Directors imposes the guidelines for the seeding process along with esteemed selection committees.

For this reason, the schools that wanted to be part of the March Madness this year must hustle harder in all the elimination rounds to make sure that they get seeded and be part of this year’s NCAA Top 32. 

So, why does the seeding process really matter when it comes to March Madness ranking and online spread betting? Here are the reasons why.

It’s Best To Be At Top 1

Throughout the history of the NCAA tournaments, the teams who made it to the top spot in the seeding process are most likely to win. Some of the guidelines of the seeding process include the team’s overall performance, the players, their opponents, the offensive and defensive skills, etc.

Most likely, the team that belongs to the top spot is the hardest group to defeat. Also, looking into the records of the NCAA tournaments, 85.7% of the Top 1 seeds were able to reach the Sweet 16. Out of this number, 69.3% reaches the Elite 8, and around 41.4% reaches the Final Four. It is a clear manifestation that the trend for being the Top 1 seed is most likely to win the March Madness title.

Be Part Of The Season’s Cinderella Teams

The second significant reason why seeding is very important in the NCAA ranking is because of the Cinderella story. Cinderella in March Madness is a team that appeared in the tournament for the first time and is part of the Top 12 seeds. Though it’s their first time joining, they wowed the crowd and showed impressive shooting skills inside the court.


Referring to the previous NCAA games, teams who get seeded for Cinderella and part of the Top 12 always appear in the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and the Final Four. There are only a few instances where the team that ranked 12 lower was part of Cinderella.  So, it’s important that an NCAA hopeful must surpass the elimination rounds per division.

A Chance For Sweet Sixteen And Elite Eight Spots

The Sweet Sixteen is a quarterfinal game that each NCAA hopeful competes in the March Madness. It is composed of sixteen teams who won the playoff games. As stated, there are Top 32 teams that make up the whole season, and they randomly face a competitor based in the region where they came from. The successful teams will be part of the Sweet Sixteen line-up.

After the Sweet Sixteen comes to the Elite Eight. The initial sixteen teams will battle it out to be part of the Elite Eight Teams. The competitions are also based on the respective regions, and if a team wins, they will head on directly to the Final Four. It is one of the most awaited events in the March Madness as a team is one more step closer to the NCAA title.

They Get The Favorite Odds

Since seeding and bracketing is a process of ranking the best teams for the March Madness, it is also one way of choosing the teams that can serve as the favorite odds to win the NCAA title. It is why the competition gets tighter as the March Madness ate approaches for the teams to convince a lot of fans that they can top the seeding and win the basketball tournament.

Aside from that, they will also earn the highest respect from the NCAA community itself. Other teams would look up to them as their greatest rival. Besides, if they get the highest odds value, they also earn a lot of cheers from all college hoops who wanted them to win.


The fever is finally on for the 2020 March Madness as this would take place in no less than three weeks. Because of that, the competition for the seeding process gets tighter, and teams are rolling out wild inside the court to win their remaining matches so they can make it to the Top 32. If a specific team showcases great plays during the elimination round, rest assured that they might get considered for the seeding process and dance to the music of the upcoming March Madness season.