How to choose the right igame for you 

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If you are a newbie in the gambling world, there would be a baffling number of choices to make which may overwhelm you. For instance, should you play slots or card games? Which game offers the best odds? Which game is more fun? Different players have different game goals. The answer to the questions you ask depends on the kind of temperament you have. 

Are you socially active or a lone player? 

Whether at a brick-and-mortar establishment or online, some casino games are social events. At land-based casinos you play most table games with other players. However, if you don’t like being with people, then playing the slots or video poker may be the best for you. For social players, games like craps, roulette or blackjack work the best as they cater to a broad array of players. 

Online Casino Games 

If you’re averse to playing socially then online casinos like the JackpotCity online casino is the best place to enjoy your games. Further, the variety of games available online are far more than those available at the brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casinos, these days have started using real casino equipment and dealers, as a part of live casino environments, and hence you can enjoy a game of roulette or blackjack as easily as in a physical casino. If you’re a slots or video poker fan then you’re already in the know-how of animations and random number generators. Plus, playing slots online gives you added advantages over a traditional casino. Even the payback ratio’s much better online. 


Although your funds aren’t necessarily connected with your temperament, for most other players, they are. For instance, gamblers who’re averse to taking risks tend to have a smaller bankroll and hence stick to game with low limits. 

Are you analytical or like to think about what you’re doing? 

If you’re a thinker then it’s hard to beat blackjack, because you tend to take a decision on each hand and each time your odds get affected. Poker too is a thinking person’s game. Video poker on the other hand is apt for brainy gamblers who don’t prefer mingling with other players and tend to take decisions about which cards to keep and discard. 

Are you hungry for excitement or prefer staying calm? 

Casinos offer games for all kinds of people. Games like roulette and baccarat are ideal for gamblers with a calm and peaceful temperament, and even though these games are fun and exhilarating to win, players on the game are always in control of their behaviour on the table. However, if you’re one of those players who’s a social junkie then you’re made for craps! 

Looking for an extra edge? 

There are some people who don’t bet unless they can manage the odds in their favour. There are only a few wagering activities that make this possible though. For instance, in blackjack, one can count cards and get an edge over the house, while staying under its radar. If you like playing poker then you can match your skills with other players and have fun playing at the table. 

Dreaming of the Jackpot! 

In the gambling world, there are no guarantees of wins by playing a certain game only, neither does a casino offer the same chance to win a jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots offer players the opportunity to win millions or more on a single spin, but the odds of winning it compares to the odds of winning a lottery. However, if fantasizing works for you, then go ahead and spend some time and money while playing the progressive slots. 

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