How To Create Course Covers Your Learners Can’t Resist

How To Create Course Covers Your Learners Can’t Resist

We know that no learning takes place if our Instructional Design thinking isn’t sound. However, we don’t stand a chance at teaching anyone anything if we can’t get learners past our cover pages. The sad reality is that good learning practices simply aren’t enough. We live in a digital world where our learning content is going head to head with digital web content built by teams of designers, developers, and marketers, which is a tough thing to compete with as learning designers are often lacking design skills and creating content using authoring tools.

So, here are 5 simple tips for improving the design, and desirability, of your learning content straight from the cover page:

1. Use Your Competition To Your Advantage

The internet is full of resources and incredible web design ideas, so why not take advantage of this? If we only seek inspiration from other learning material, we’ll never evolve or grow, we’ll just continue producing the same variations of work. Instead, we should search for web design inspiration from sites like Pinterest and Dribbble. Not only will this give use new ideas and the latest web trends, but I can guarantee that there’ll be plenty more web…

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