How To Create Engaging Safety Training Videos

How To Create Engaging Safety Training Videos

Let’s address the elephant in the room; safety training videos are boring. They’re usually synonymous with outdated hairstyles, bad acting, and even worse dialogues. There’s also typically a little archaic tech thrown into the mix just to remind employees of the times when the pager reigned. But there are ways to make your videos more realistic, relatable, and entertaining—you read that right. Best of all, you can engage employees without underplaying the importance of compliance in the workplace. These tips can help you produce safety training videos for your team that are Oscar-worthy. This may be an overstretch, but they’ll definitely foster an emotional connection with your remote workforce.

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1. Focus On Realistic Compliance Challenges

Now is not the time of far-flung hypotheses. Stick with realistic scenarios and safety challenges that employees deal with every day. Or at…

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