How To Design Transformational Group Learning

8 Levers To Pull For Perfect Peer-To-Peer Learning

If you read Part 1 of this series on group learning you’ll know why learning with others is so powerful. Let’s recap where we left off. For group learning to deliver on the promise of transformation, you need two distinct kinds of groups for students to belong to: Journey Groups and Destination Groups. And you should probably get an Accountability Buddy too.


Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as creating a few Zoom webinar links and an online forum. Groups fizzle out. People lose interest. They drop out as quickly as they dropped in. At the end of the first Write of Passage, one of the cohort members created a Google distribution list. The idea was for us to keep in touch and exchange articles for feedback. We jumped to add our email addresses to the list!

It never took off.

The intention was right, but the execution was lacking. Key elements were missing that, if done right, can guarantee the long-term success of your group. Reflecting on my experience as an alumni mentor for Write of Passage, and reading studies I found when researching this series, I uncovered 8 things you should be thinking about for creating the best possible group learning experience.

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