How To Get Your Italian Venture Off The Mark With An Investor Visa

Italian Venture
Italian Venture

If you have a global venture plan, Italy is a great destination to set it up. The country embraces overseas enterprises with aplomb and facilitates them with easy regulations and favorable tax norms. The markets are receptive, so global entrepreneurs can make it big despite the competition. The best part is that immigration is easier than you imagine. You can rely on the investor visa to reach the country and pursue your startup goals sooner than later. You can visit Bersani Law Firm & Partners for getting assistance to make the journey even smoother. Let us explain how you can get your Italian venture off the mark easily with the investor visa alternative.

Get your funds in place

Setting up a business overseas is inherently expensive, and investing a hefty sum only to obtain the investor visa may sound painful. Luckily, the eligibility requirements for the Italian investor visa are not as exorbitant as you imagine. You can buy residency with a starting investment of €250,000 in an innovative startup. It means you can actually get in with thousands instead of millions. Of course, there are other alternatives that require a bigger investment, but you can start small without pinching your wallet. Your immigration expert can educate you about the alternatives and help you choose the apt one.

Launch and grow quickly

Realizing your Italian business dream is easy if you opt for the investor visa immigration route. It is ideal if you do not qualify for other options like descent or marriage. Most importantly, the investor visa gets you in within months, and you can even bring your family without extra funds. Landing with the investor visa is the first step, and you can get a two-year residence permit within a few days. You only need to bring your investment to consolidate your residence status. After doing so, you can launch right away. You have the opportunity to grow quickly as your residence status entitles you to travel visa-free across the EU.

Stay as an Italian citizen

Getting your venture off the mark is only a start. You can explore markets in the Schengen region and fuel its growth sooner than later. Moreover, you can reap the benefits of your hard work by staying for the long haul as an Italian citizen. You can qualify for a second passport through citizenship by naturalization after completing a ten-year stay in Italy. Just ensure completing relevant immigration formalities with residence renewals before expiration dates. A citizenship expert can help you in this context. But remember that you will have to hold your investment in the country throughout this period.

An Italian investor visa gives you a head start with your global business goals. It is perhaps the fastest and easiest immigration route, so you must pick it up without thinking twice. Even better, collaborate with an expert to guide you regarding eligibility, documentation, and the steps of the process. They make it a breeze with apt guidance and also help with your long-term citizenship goals.

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