How To Identify Emerging Talent With A Leadership Training Program

How To Identify Emerging Talent With Leadership Training Programs

Many organizations limit their leadership development because they underestimate its applications. Contrary to popular belief, leadership training programs aren’t just for managers. They can also help you spot emerging talent within your organization. The secret is knowing how to use existing tools to identify top performers. Then cultivating their skills and core competencies with targeted training resources. As a result, launching project management training is always worth the investment. Even if you have a limited staff size and budget. Plus, you can outsource content development to cut costs and reduce L&D workload. Here are 7 innovative ways to identify emerging managers with leadership training programs.

1. Add Gamification To Your Leadership Training Programs

Elearning gamification uses rewards and game mechanics to boost employee motivation. However, it can also help you spot tomorrow’s team leaders. For example, leadership development training points or levels allow you to track progress. As well as determine which employees have the core competencies you’re looking for. The key is to align incentives with performance behaviors and skills. Such as offering…

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