How To Motivate Your Learners During COVID-19

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Improve Things

Since it was designated as a global pandemic back in March, the COVID-19 virus has disrupted activities across various sectors, including education. Schools all over the world have had to shut down entirely and switch to online classes as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in local communities and academic populations. But while online learning has become the new fad, there are some unique challenges that students and lecturers taking online courses now have to navigate through. As an online learner, finding the motivation to attend classes and study outside the traditional classroom setting is a daunting task.

Getting out of bed is already a chore, especially when you know you are not heading anywhere else apart from your work desk. That’s not to mention the many distractions offline and online. The sirens blaring in the streets, spouse and siblings in adjoining rooms, and device notifications to attend to mail or social media messages.

The fact is, it is difficult to find the motivation to concentrate as an online learner in the middle of a pandemic. As a tutor, one of your responsibilities is to make it easier for learners to enjoy and find the motivation needed to learn…

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