How To Use Social Media For L&D

5 Ways To Use Social Media For L&D

Social media is already the major source of most of the information these modern individuals consume on a daily basis, which is why it is a great idea to leverage it for better and more successful L&D. A lot of corporate organizations already use social media as a means to either train their employees, help them communicate better with each other, or to help them find material relevant to their training. But for those that are not, in this article, we’ll discuss a few ways how organizations can use social media for the better Learning and Development of their employees.

1. Onboarding

Facebook Live is a live-streaming platform which can be used to onboard new hires before they even set foot in the organization. It can be used to give the new hires a video tour of the whole organization, introduce them to the stakeholders of the organization, to their superiors as well as their co-workers, to show them the daily routine at the organization, and a lot more, depending upon how the organization chooses to use the live-streaming service.

2. Group Messaging

As mentioned before, communication is very important between coworkers in an organization. Facebook Messenger is an application which is found on every…

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