HUGE! Hero Admiral Rogers – Who Secretly Met with Trump After Election

HUGE! Hero Admiral Rogers — Who Secretly Met with Trump Following Election — Can Be Assisting John Durham in Investigation

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The Obama White House held particular secret meetings linked to the unethical Russia evaluation in 2016.  The strange thing is that jagged John Kerry in the State Department was encouraged but Admiral Mike Rogers in the NSA has been excluded.

Yahoo News reported in March the next associated with former President Obama’s Russia bogus news activities in 2016  —

To the customary interagency sessions, attorneys and deputies can bring staffers. Not that time. “There weren’t any and ones,” that an attendee remembered. After the topic of a prosecution or deputies meeting proved to be a national security issue, the gathering has been held at the Situation Room of the White House. The in‑house video feed of the Sit Room — with no sound — could be accessible to federal security officials in the White House and elsewhere, and these officials would see that a meeting was in progress and who had been attending. For the meetings linked to the Russian hack, Susan Rice,” Obama’s national security advisor, ordered the movie feed turned away. She didn’t need others at the national security establishment to understand what had been under way, fearing leaks from inside the bureaucracy.

Rice would seat the principals’ meetings — that brought together Brennan; Comey; Kerry; Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson; Treasury Secretary Jack Lew; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — using Just a few other White House officials present, such as White House chief of staff Denis McDonough; homeland security advisor Lisa Monaco, along with Colin Kahl, Vice President Joe Biden’s national security advisor. (Kahl had to insist on Rice that he’s permitted to attend that Biden may be completely briefed.)

Rice’s No. 2, deputy national security advisor Avril Haines, oversaw the deputies’ sessions. White House officials that were absent in the meetings weren’t told what was being discussed. This also included other NSC staffers — a few of whom bristled at being closed out. Frequently the intelligence material covered in those meetings wasn’t put at the President’s Daily Brief, the top-secret record presented to the president each morning. Too many individuals had access to this PDB. “The opsec with this” — the usable safety –“was as tight as it might be,” a White House official later said.

One Web sleuth emphasized the suspicious activities noted above and published on Reddit —

Yahoo Obama White House

The National Security Agency Wasn’t Permitted to be a part of a”national security issue,” however John Kerry was at those meetings, aka the State Department, whose agency is not an investigative agency:


Rice stated, she dreaded leaks and consequently she hid the talks from these types of meetings by the NSA; nonetheless out of all of the leaks which have made their way to the media, not one could be discovered that came from the NSA.

Mike Rogers ran a pretty tight ship. Rice didn’t desire Rogers in these meetings since the Obama staff didn’t trust Rogers to hide their offenses.  

Additionally, Obama’s DOJ and FBI were searching Americans contrary to their own rights.  Unbeknownst to many Americans, Obama’s FBI was supplying this information to external contractors who’d no business or legal reason or maintain the info.

On Thursday November 17th, 2016, following the presidential elections, NSA Director Mike Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump.  It’s widely considered Admiral Rogers cautioned President-elect Trump about Obama regime spying on his own effort in this assembly.

Obama officials were OUTRAGED the NSA Director would meet independently with President-elect Trump without telling Obama officials .

On Thursday the Intercept noted that Mike Rogers is working with John Durham about the roots of the counterintelligence evaluation of this Trump Campaign.

Via The Intercept and Conservative Treehouse:

RETIRED ADM. MICHAEL ROGERS, former director of the National Security Agency, was cooperating with the Justice Department’s probe into the roots of the counterintelligence evaluation of this Trump presidential campaign’s alleged connections to Russia, based on four individuals acquainted with Rogers’s involvement.

Rogers has fulfilled the prosecutor leading the probe, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, on several occasions, according to two people familiar with Rogers’s collaboration. Though the substance of these meetings isn’t apparent, Rogers has cooperated willingly, many people with knowledge of the issue said.

Rogers, who retired May 2018, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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