Hunter Biden’s ‘Baby Mama’ Wants to Know How Much He Made Off Ukraine Deal

According to another court filing, the mother of Hunter Biden‘s kid needs him to reveal how much money he made while working for Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm.

28-year old Lunden Roberts filed a paternity lawsuit against the former vice president’s son in May following a DNA test a month demonstrated he was really the father of her kid.

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Roberts Needs to Know Biden’s True Finances

In court records filed by Roberts, she asks that 49-year old Biden to affirm he had been paid a certain sum per month to sit down for five years on the board of Burisma. Biden allegedly made over $83,000 per month holding this place, and could have continued in that job when he had not chosen to resign.

“Confirm that you chose to not continue as a board member of Burisma. Confirm that you might have continued to function as a board member for Burisma,” the filing said.  “Admit your decision to not continue as a board member for Burisma was voluntary”

Roberts’ filing brings up an issue connected to China.

“Confirm that an entity owned, controlled, or under your management or oversight obtained cash from a Chinese individual, thing, or business for overseas (meaning global ) or nationally (significance United States) investment objectives,” Clinton Lancaster, Roberts’ attorney, wrote.

“Confirm that you slipped investments in national and global ventures for a business financed in part or whole by a Chinese individual, entity, or business.”

Before he resigned in October,” Hunter Biden was on the board of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co.

Roberts Reportedly Working for ‘Less Than Minimum Wage’

From the close of the week, both Roberts and Biden are assumed to submit financial documents to Judge Don McSpadden. McSpadden allegedly wishes to see five decades of documents before he determines how much Biden must pay in child care.

The Daily Mail reported which Roberts submitted data indicating”she is used at a family business likely for a salary of less than minimum wage”

The judge indicated the case is going to be solved at another hearing, slated for Jan. 7, 2020.

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Biden Claims He is In Debt

This week,” Hunter Biden’s legal counsel also filed records asking to not cover Roberts’s $11,000 legal invoice. Biden says that he could not complete a financial affidavit since he has not had a job as May, when he abandoned Burisma’s board.

Biden stated his costly 2017 divorce against his ex-wife Kathleen place him . Biden’s attorneys left the situation lately since they said they had been advised that he no longer desired their solutions.

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