Immigration Bill By Democrats Introduce A Pathway To Citizenship

Immigration Measures
Immigration Measures

Immigration Bill passed by the Democrats back on Thursday was backed by President Joe Biden. But since Congress has been so divided as of lately, the bill may be the subject of crossfires and battles. Several lawmakers have also been making a suggestion of a piecemeal. This approach may also help win much support from bipartisan as well. Boiled down, the path for undocumented immigrants to citizenship may include 5 years of the status of provision. 

Following this, they will be able to apply for a green card. Then three years after that, they will be able to apply for citizenship. But there are also several other things and ways to achieve citizenship for other workers. Undocumented farmworkers or immigrants can provide a history of work and then skip the 5 years process. This will eradicate their provisional status and become eligible for green cards then. This also applies to DACA-protected immigrants. 

The Immigration Bill was signed by the President in his first few hours of taking office. The bill helped eradicate the emergency state at the borders in the south. The emergency was declared by then-President Donald Trump. And hence, the halt also stopped the wall projects on the border. 

The Immigration Bill With Provisions Would Have The Following:

  1. For the undocumented immigrants, the immigration Bill will establish a pathway for citizenship in 8 years. 
  2. Young undocumented workers or farm workers who came to the United States as children will be provided with a path to citizenship earlier. 
  3. “Non-citizen” will replace the word “alien” in the law. 
  4. The caps on per-country will be raised on family-based or employment-based immigration numbers. 
  5. Bring a hike at the border for funding technology. 
  6. Task forces for the anti-drug transnationals in Central America will expand. 
  7. Will prohibit penalties on undocumented immigrants between 3-10 years when leaving the country and returning to the United States.
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