IndyCar to introduce 2.4-liter hybrid power units in 2023

The hybrid formula is part of a multi-year contract extension IndyCar has reached with Honda and Chevrolet, which promises a continuation of manufacturer competition and also provides opportunities for additional manufacturers to join the series.

The newly designed powertrain system also will provide a departure from the traditional, manual handheld starters and will let drivers restart the car quickly should it stall on the track. This will benefit the AMR IndyCar Safety Team as it reduces exposure time on track and aims to improve the fan experience by reducing the number of caution flags on track.

“To be able to announce a long-term, multi-year extension with our two great partners is phenomenal,” IndyCar president Jay Frye said. “It’s an exciting time in IndyCar with the innovations in the car, the new 2.4-liter engine and hybrid technology.

“Fast, loud, and authentic, along with a history of innovation – that’s our racing roots and will continue to be the sport’s legacy. This announcement keeps that in mind while celebrating a stable and bright future.”

Ted Klaus, president of Honda Performance Development, said: “Honda welcomes this step to the future by IndyCar, action that mirrors Honda’s efforts to develop and manufacture high performance, electrified products that…

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