Is There A Silver Lining To COVID-19?

Crowdsourcing Teaching And Leveraging Technology

Most human beings are generous and educators are no exception. Also, most people want to leave a legacy and again, educators are no exception. Given the different ways COVID-19 has made us think about how we meet and teach, the opportunity exists to use technology to leverage the aforementioned human traits in order to create education systems that are unparalleled in quality and equality. The technology that I refer to is that of a complementary partnership between videotelephony and LMS technology (see my previous article in this regard).

Whatever we develop needs to be able to work in countries that have significant challenges. As such, I will base my vision on South Africa. It has a very unequal education system which ranges from expensive private schools with world-class resources, facilities, and teachers down to remote schools that do not even have proper classrooms or toilets and where teachers are often unqualified and are teaching subject matter at a level that they have not formally achieved themselves. Also:

  • We have 11 official languages.
  • Our education system has gone through multiple changes in approach and the overall education level is seen to be diluting every…

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