Furious Italian Company Permanently Bans Kanye West And Partner For Indecent Act On Boat

Kanye West

Kanye West and Biance Censori, his Australian partner, were permanently banned by a boat rental in Venice after they were caught out for obscenity. The pair were spotted an indecent moment on a Venice water taxi. Other tourists were horrified when Kanye West exposed his buttocks before astonished tourists. The 46-year-old rapper was seated at the stern of the water taxi and had exposed himself indecently. The 28-year-old Censori was bending down on him.

The authorities of Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, a Venetian boating company, said that they were totally unaware of the incident till the photos went public. They have said that Kanye West and his partner would no longer be allowed on their boats.

The boating company authorities said that the driver of the boat was generally occupied with driving the boat and had not noticed the obscene act. If he had noticed it, he would surely have reported it immediately to the authorities upon reaching port, they said. Further, another traveling with Kanye West and Censori had blocked the view of the driver to the stern.

Boating Company Has Denounced Kanye West’s Incident And Has Disassociated Itself With It

The company has totally disassociated itself from the incident and has denounced the indecent act and behavior of the couple. Kanye West’s partner’s odd wardrobe has outraged locals with many saying that she was virtually naked on many occasions.

The company is among the leading Venetian navigation companies. They boast an impressive list of celebrities who regularly avail their services. Lady Gaga, Florence Pugh, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Harry Styles are among those who have traveled on their boats. Italians have even demanded their arrest on charges of public indecency. Kanye West could face a fine of over $330 as per the Constitutional Court of Italy.

Some people have also commented that Kanye West appeared to be dominating Censori and have expressed concerns for her well-being. One person said that the bawdy acts were disrespectful to residents of a conservative Catholic country.