LeBron James Gets Heckled During Lakers Vs Hawks Match

Lakers vs Hawks
Lakers vs Hawks

Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James was interrupted by a spectator during the Lakers vs Hawks match. The referees had to stop the match due to the inconvenience caused by a Hawks fan. The match that consisted of almost 1,700 fans, made it difficult for the star players as they remained very close to the spectators. When asked about the recent incident, James remained diplomatic in his comment regarding the matter. The referees paused the match as James made a heated interaction with a spectator. Four of the spectators were taken out of the stadium for making inappropriate comments at players.

Lakers Vs Hawks Match Was Paused For Argument Between Player And Fan

It is reported that a woman namely Juliana Carlos was sent out from the State Farm Arena for having an argument with Lakers’ player LeBron James. The woman allegedly made unacceptable remarks and improper gestures towards the player that led to stopping the Lakers vs Hawks match for a few minutes.

According to James, there was an argument between him and Carlos but she did not deserve to be kicked out of the Arena.

Soon after the incident, Juliana Carlos became a trending topic in social media. It has been known that the woman is married to a businessman from Atlanta whose name is Chris Carlos. Both Juliana and Chris are known to be ardent fans of the Hawks. Juliana claimed that it was James who started the altercation. She then made the remarks out of rage.

The Lakers made a 101-99 victory in the Lakers vs Hawks match but James who made nine points could not give his best performance due to the interruption. He finished the match with 21 points.

After Juliana Carlos became a trending topic of discussion, she stated that she did not do anything to gain popularity and it was just her response to James who began the argument.

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