James Woods Shares Powerful Message To Democrats From Black Conservative Rob Smith

Actor as well as forthright Trump advocate James Woods simply shared a solid message from black conservative as well as “Blexit” leader Rob Smith.

“Blexit” indicates convincing black Americans to leave the Democratic Party.

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Rob Smith: ‘The left wants to tell you that criticizing black elected officials is racist. That is an absolute scam’

In a video clip developed in 2019 following President Trump’s adverse remarks at the time regarding Baltimore’s management, Smith targets the Democratic management of Baltimore as well as slams black chosen authorities for stating that slamming the existing bad state of the city is in some way racist.

“You can’t keep telling the people that it is racist to criticize the people whose policies created all of this,” Smith claimed. “This is Baltimore. Baltimore is over 60% black. Baltimore’s mayor is black. Baltimore’s last mayor is black. The mayor before that was black. The elected officials were black.”

“Baltimore has a poverty rate of over two times the state average of Maryland,” Smith proceeded. “Baltimore has trash in the streets. Baltimore has dilapidated homes. Baltimore has African American citizens who don’t feel safe.”

Smith included, “The left wants to tell you that criticizing black elected officials is racist. That is an absolute scam.”

James Woods Takes Notice

Woods shared the video clip as well as created, “This is a powerful indictment of the failures of the Democratic Party in a once proud city. The failed leaders responsible for this debacle will say otherwise, but it isn’t about anything else but that.”

Smith, an Army professional that is likewise gay, has actually claimed in the past that appearing as a black conservative was more difficult than appearing as a gay male.

Smith Defended President Trump

Smith protected President Trump from costs of bigotry in an op-ed at Fox News.

“I believe Trump was trying to draw attention – and certainly succeeded in doing so – to unacceptable conditions in Baltimore and saying that Cummings and other Democratic elected officials have not done enough to improve those conditions,” Smith created.

“It’s a fact that Baltimore has more than its fair share of problems,” he proceeded. “The citizens of Baltimore are, without question, not responsible for these unfortunate conditions. It’s not racist to say the officials they elected are responsible for not doing more to make the city a better place to live.”

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Rob Smith is a clever young conservative with an intense future. James Woods was ideal to take notification.

Democrats possibly must also.

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