Jan 6 Panel Holds Trump DOJ Lawyer Charges With Contempt Of Congress

jan 6 panel

Former justice department official Jeffrey Clark, who refused to cooperate with the congressional Jan 6 panel investigation of the insurrection at the US Capital, faces contempt charges in the probe. The Jan 6 panel voted unanimously to hold Clark in contempt for defying the subpoena.

But in a last-minute offer Clark could appear before the Jan 6 panel but is expected to assert his right to the Fifth Amendment against self-implication, said Bennie Thompson, Chairman. She said that Clark’s offer to reappear was the last gasp measure to stall the proceedings of the Select Committee.

Jan 6 Panel: Jeffrey Clark Played Leading Role In Trump’s Attempt To Overturn Election Results

Jeffrey Clark is to be referred for prosecution to the very agency where he once worked. This is the second censure by the Jan 6 panel.

Clark, a mid-level attorney in the DOJ rose to play a leading role in Trump’s attempt to coerce the Dept. of Justice to investigate his debunked claims of voter fraud. Clark was instrumental in goading seniors to send letters encouraging the states to delay the certification of election results.

Donald Trump even contemplated appointing him the acting AG even as other Dept. of Justice officials stymied his efforts.

The Jan 6 panel released the transcript of a brief deposition with Jeffrey Clark where he refused to cooperate with the committee. Clark and his attorney maintained that the Justice Department official was excepted from responding as they enjoyed the executive privilege. Interestingly even Trump didn’t make such an assertion about Clark.

The Jan 6 panel has asserted that Clark’s behavior constitutes deliberate defiance of the subpoena. It has sought information covering various topics, which includes ways that Trump might have intended to upend the election results.  

Thompson said that Clark’s deposition along with the correspondence of his attorney was a prime instance of contempt of Congress. instead of offering any specific claim of privilege, he hid behind vague claims.

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