Jimmy Fallon Is Sorry For Perpetuating Toxic Work Culture At The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon issued an apology after 16 former and present employees accused him of perpetuating a work environment that they described as ‘toxic.’ They said that he was erratic in his behavior and his mood depended on whether he was having a good or a bad day.

The apologies followed over allegations that were highlighted in a story released by Rolling Stone Magazine and published on Thursday. The colleagues and staff wrote about the set of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon being a difficult place to work in. Jimmy Fallon has reportedly said that he was embarrassed and felt bad about his behavior.

He apologized to the staff for having embarrassed them or their family members and friends. He said that he felt so bad that he could not even get to speak up about it. He stressed that he only wanted the show to be fun and inclusive. He said that he wanted it to be the best.

Employees Of The Jimmy Fallon Show Say Workplace Affecting Mental Health

In their allegations, the 16 present and ex-employees spoke about the set having turned into a difficult place to work. They even alleged that it affected their psychological health. CNN did not release the names of the present or past employees as there are fears of repercussions for speaking out.

While The Tonight Show or Jimmy Fallon did not directly comment on the issue, an NBC report was part of the CNN report. The report read that while they were incredibly delighted with The Tonight Show and strived to maintain a respectful work environment, there were issues that had to be investigated and resolved. The statement exhorted employees to report behavior that they felt was inconsistent with the network’s policies. The network promised to address them immediately.