Joe Biden Provides Assurance Over Afghanistan Issue

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Joe Biden has finally commented on the ongoing issue of Afghanistan. The country of Afghanistan saw a political incident of the highest order. The Taliban took over the Afghan government recently. This incident made everybody around the world fearful and concerned. Earlier, Biden has been criticized for his policies. He decided to withdraw the American troops from Afghanistan. When asked, he stated that the Afghan military was not keen to wage a battle. Thus, the US President saw no point in risking the American soldiers. Americans stuck in Afghanistan were asked not to panic. 

Joe Biden Promises To Bring Back Americans From Afghanistan 

The US President addressed the citizens of America stuck in Afghanistan. He asked them not to worry and promised to bring them back. Biden assured the Americans to take them back whenever they wished to. The Military US has completed the evacuation of 5700 Americans in the last twenty-four hours. All these Americans were at a loss in Afghanistan. 

Taliban have been reported to cause violence against US citizens. Recent reports stated that several Americans were assaulted by the Taliban. The citizens were not spared despite showing their foreign passports. The evacuation process also seems to slow down. A correspondent at CNN has pointed that no flights have taken off from Kabul for 8 hours. Joe Biden stated that it was a temporary pause and further evacuation would resume soon.  

Joe Biden made a strong statement recently. He stated that none of his USA citizens should be harmed. Any violent action would lead to serious repercussions from America. Biden echoed his earlier statement on Friday. The President said he would do everything to bring back all of the Americans safely. Biden had earlier admitted that he did not estimate the rapid fall of Afghanistan. However, he denied the statement on Friday when being interviewed.