Joe Biden Shows Supports To Writers 

Joe Biden
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign stop in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., March 9, 2020. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

There is an ongoing serious strike matter that has taken place in Hollywood. The writers are exercising their rights for deserving payments. The majority complained they usually are underpaid. They are being exploited by all those head authorities. They are taking advantage of them. Squeezing their talents out of them for their own sake.

Hollywood is a place of talent and art. Which is being sacrificed and suppressed. Where talentless people are being praised just for existing. Many of the writers gave the example of the Kardashians.

The WGA started their strike for fair pay last week.

Their hard work has been overlooked for decades.

President Joe Biden Feels The Writers’ Nightmare Must End

At the White House screening Joe Biden addressed the recent ongoing issue with the Hollywood writers.

American Born Chinese was screened at the White House. Ke Huy Quan was present at the White House.

This screening is tied to the asian american native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage administration.

During his speech, Joe Biden mentioned the Hollywood industry as an iconic, meaningful place for artists.

He further mentioned how everyone needs to have a voice. They must focus on everyone’s story and get heard by the nation.

He is looking forward to resolving this as soon as possible. So that the nation itself can bounce back to its regular rhythm.

More than 11,000 members of the writers guild of America began to strike.

Their demand is for fair pay which they deserve. 

In the streaming era, their voice and position are losing in the industry. And injustice is taking place.

Joe Biden also specifically told in front of a huge audience how a night like that is important for the Hollywood industry. These are nights that showcase the power of stories. The importance of storytellers and their position in the workplace. Their dignity must be kept and valued in every way possible.

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