Judge Denies Oregon’s Request For Restraining Order Against Federal Officers

Federal Judge denies the request for a temporary restraining order against unlawful seizing and detainment of Oregonians by federal police in Portland, stating that the state lacked legal standing to enforce that request.

Ellen Rosenblum, Oregan Attorney General moved the federal court against the US Department of Homeland Security for overstepping their powers, making unlawful arrests and detentions and injuring peaceful protesters in Portland. The lawsuit required federal officers to explain their basis and agency and showcase warrants before arrests.

“We are today asking the federal court to stop the federal police from secretly stopping and forcibly grabbing Oregonians off our streets,” Rosenblum wrote in a statement.

However, the US District Judge Michael Mosman denied that request along with a 14 page long reasoning for the same. He mentions that the plaintiff is not a protester. He further mentions that the state is not seeking relief for past harm but is seeking an injunction against future acts for which it lacks considerable show-causing.

Due to the lack of evidence or official orders behind seizures, the state of Oregon was denied a restraining order from the unconstitutional acts of federal authorities.


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