Kari Lake’s False Claims Were Rejected By Court

Kari Lake

Kari Lake after the November mid-election requested the court to look into the votes because she believe she was the one who won, and not her opponent Katie Hobbs from the democratic party. She felt there was some kind of wrong counting, and she challenged the court. Later her appeal was rejected by the Arizona court.No votes were stolen during the election as she claimed.

Karma Played On Kari Lake

A republican member Kari Lake lost the mid-election in November by 17,000 votes to a Democratic party member Katie Hobbs. She claimed in Arizona Court that her votes were stolen, the exact same complaint Trump made in the 2020 election. Not only that Kari Lake looked down upon the former president, and always mocked his action. Karma got a big bite of her this time.

Kari Lake’s complaints failed to be accepted as a judge of Arizona Court has declared that votes were counted correctly and nothing was stolen whatsoever. This marked the most embarrassing and biggest defeat for Lake, she lost her face in the political community. Even her own party member Hickman also commented on this saying it is high time to move on, and Kari Lake should do it too.

However, Lake’s legal team worked tirelessly to make it work, and they couldn’t provide proper evidence to their claim, rather it was proved all votes were counted properly nothing was left out. They weren’t able to prove that someone intentionally messed up with the ballot machines, or intentionally caused the malfunction. And Kari Lake’s claims were proven to be false. Lake would prove at any cost that she is right and planning to take the case to Arizona Supreme Court and tweeted Buckle Up America.