Kevin Durant Scored Twenty-Three In His Debut With The Phoenix Suns

kevin durant
kevin durant

Kevin Durant said that he was nervous before the game. However, nothing has changed. He scored twenty-three in his debut match with the phoenix Suns.

Fans were so hyped, they already started calling it Kevin’s new era with the Phoenix Suns. Nevertheless, it took off like a Phoenix with the legendary player of the game scored 23 points to win the game for his team. Kevin has cemented his place in the NBA all-stars thirteen times, and there is no stopping him.

Kevin Durant joined Phoenix Sun this season and debuted in the basketball court for his fourth team in his last seven seasons. He added two blocks and six rebounds to help his new team beat the hornets 105 to 91.

After the game, Durant said that he has played in over thousand basketball games. However, he was nervous before coming to today’s match. He said that his feelings occurred because it was a new group of players and he wanted to play hard to cement his place in the team.

A Nervous Kevin Durant Scored 23 Points For The Suns:

Kevin Durant said that even with his illustrious career, he felt like he had things to prove to his new teammates and coach. Devin booker also feed off to the player as he also scored thirty-seven points n the game.

Kevin about his compatriot said that Booker is a pure player of the game. As he just recovered from his injury, Kevin Durant only played twenty-seven minutes in the game and he wore the 35 number in the match. The crowd in the arena gave the player a warm welcome and Keving Durant did everything he could to pay them back.