Kevin McCarthy Calls The Cheney’s Primary Foe A Special Case

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader of the House, stated that he will expel some incumbents from his own team after they endorsed the main opponent of Rep. Liz Cheney in the previous month using unprecedented ways. In an interview with CNN at the annual policy retreat of the GOP, Kevin McCarthy stated that this case is very special.

Kevin McCarthy Likely To Take Actions On His Own Party Members

Kevin McCarthy took all the necessary steps to destroy Cheney, who was his ally for once and a previous member of the party. Later on, Cheney decided to vote against Donald Trump, the President of America at that time and tried to impeach him. Cheney took such a strong decision as Donald Trump was influencing people to do violence in the 6th January event last year and also because of his continuous lies about the election of 2020. 

Kevin McCarthy is completely supporting Harriet Hageman, a candidate of Congress that has the back of Donald Trump and Harriet is running against Cheney in Wyoming. The leader of the GOP will likely host a fundraiser for Harriet at the place of Jeff Miller, and there will be 100 Republican members who will gather to show force. 

However, Kevin McCarthy did not opt for actions that will eliminate or give punishment to some controversial members of his team like Rep. Paul Gosar, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. These two members attended a conference held by a white nationalist and Kevin McCarthy criticized their decision and spoke about the situation privately with Greene. 

In the words of Jeremy Adler, a spokesperson of Cheney stated that a leader must reject completely and not just protect the anti-Semitic, pro-Putin, white party and should also stop targeting Cheney for speaking the truth. The relationship between Cheney and Kevin McCarthy deteriorated last year at the House retreat party of the GOP when they had a rift on the scope of bipartisan.