Launching A Compliance Online Training Program

How To Implement A Compliance Training LMS

For the most part, compliance issues are a matter of protection and safety. They’re designed to avoid accidents and preserve the health of both customers and workers. This means compliance regulations can be simultaneously detailed and shallow. They’ll go into hundreds of loopholes and sub-clauses, trying to cover every possible scenario. But they won’t dig into the human aspect. A clothing tag might, in all seriousness, say “Remove the child from clothing before putting in the washing machine.” But it won’t ensure the detergent, the machine, or the ink used on the fabric is safe for kids to use. Much the same as your online compliance training program might cover the rules and regulations employees must play by but forget all about the relatability factor.

5 Tips To Launch A Compliance Training Online Program With The Right LMS

1. Leave More Room To Play

Let’s look at the example above. A typical commercial compliance course would probably insist you put that label to avoid lawsuits. It might spell out the cost of a child-injury fine. Or advise you to put your contact number clearly on the garment, just in case. With a compliance training LMS, you can dig deeper. You can explore how…

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