Learning On The Job: It’s The Culture, Stupid!

Shaking Up The 70:20:10 Model

Companies have not had to prepare their employees faster and more frequently for new products and projects, new skills, and know-how than now. This is why it is crucial to anchor learning where it has the greatest impact: on the job. It is essential to combine learning with daily work with an agile approach and, not least, to create a new learning culture.

The future is bright. Eventually, those responsible for training in companies will manage to solve their biggest problems (i.e., increasing the relevance of in-house training and according it the importance it deserves). To get there though, it might not need a miracle but would certainly require a lot of persuasion, persistence, and more than a little help from new methods and tools.

The 2020 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report names prioritizing corporate learning and creating a learning culture as the two biggest perceived challenges in corporate training environments. But this is steadily changing. Companies are rethinking and managers are increasingly recognizing the relevance of in-company training as a key factor; it’s not going to transform overnight, but we are getting there. Learning will be an essential part of corporate cultures eventually,…

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