Learning Practitioners: You Are The Change

Your Organization Needs You More Than Ever Before

On Twitter recently, the Association for Talent Development (@ATD) asked a question: “What’s your biggest piece of advice for #talentdevelopment professionals right now?” A valid question. My reply (@bizlearningdude) was simple, direct, and obvious, “Don’t be the change…you ARE the change, so act like it. Your organizations need you more now than ever before.” Now, why would I be so brave to make this bold statement? It results from years of interactions with learning practitioners about how they feel undervalued or even irrelevant. As an active and engaged participant in the Learning and Development space, I find it fascinating (that no matter the circumstances) how many practitioners complain, in good times and in bad, how stakeholders don’t value their efforts.

The reality is that this is so far from the truth and so far from reality, it’s not funny. In survey after survey of organizational leaders, fostering of knowledge and development of people are often in their top 5 forward looking priorities. The LinkedIn Learning 3rd annual 2019 Workplace Learning Report states, “Increased budgets and executive support are paving the way for talent developers to play a more strategic…

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